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My two young daughters should know that everything is possible

– even though their father has brain cancer

Massive Dynamic Title

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World!

Massive Dynamic

We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the World.

Support Fred's Team

Support Fred's Team at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. All donations goes to brain cancer research

Support My Training

Feel free to support my personal training, starting fees, accomodation, travel expenses. Im told my training inspires others. I feel great about that. It gives my project extra purpose. To be able to bring my family to races brings me extra motivation.

Support in other ways

Do you want to support in another way? Have great ideas to supporting events? Want me to join a race? Feel free to reach out. Do you only support local initiatives in Denmark? It's fine, I also run a fundraising for Kræftens Bekæmpelse - Danish Cancer Society.


When you have cleared yet another scan, you are allowed to BBQ a bad ass fish. #brill #slethvar #foodgeek #icanbeatthisshit #strongerthancancer #summertime #goodtime

When you have c...

SCAN WAS GOOD - 3 months until next. 💪💪💪🥂🚤🎶


So the Crown Prince got his birthday - and we all got some 131gram medal after having chased him through the Streets. So many ladies out there to cheer him on. He has his game on for sure 🏃‍♂️💪 A fun evening in Copenhagen, super weather, from where i stood a lousy loudspeaker system. But hey i beat both the Prince, @anderssamuelsen1 and Frank Jensen (Prince dosnt count) so who care about loudspeakers.

So the Crown Pr...

Bruises from last week race has almost recovered. Tomorrow we race again. This time as double for my friend @andreasolut. He and his wife had signed up for the @royalrundanmark but decided to chicken out and made the escape to Sweden. So tomorrow im Andreas chasing the 50 year old Crown Prince through Copenhagen. 10km - a bit below my comfort race distance - but it Will be fun for sure. Thx Andreas - i promise ill not wear the shirt 😉😘

Bruises from la...

One year - 3 marathons. Today i ran my second marathon after i completed my treatment last year. The score is one chemo-Marathon (cph last year 4:16) and NYC 4:12 after chemo. And today 4:08 (still after chemo) The conclusion is clear. You run faster when not on chemo. Especially if you add that i had to walk appx. 2km between 30 and finish line because my knee was starting to fall off. And i crashed in the last turn 300meter from finish line. The heat was intense, but i still had a great race beeing cheered along from family and friends ❤️Shout out to @mikkellerrunningclub for handing out beers on route 👌 👊 #copenhagenmarathon2018 #cphhalf2018 #staalmanden2018 #justrunnn #RunningAndFunning #NYRRVirtualTrainer #nycmarathon #charityrunner #fredsteam #strongerthancancer #cancerfight #cancersucks #threadmill #marathontraining #chemorunning #chemoandtraining #stærkereendcancer #copenhagenmarathon #cphmarathon #runnersofinstagram #runtoinspire #runtosurvive #whyiruncopenhagen #mydaugthersaremymotivation #icanbeatthisshit

One year - 3 m...

Here we go again. It is one year since i ran my first, and hopefully only, chemomarathon. Tomorrow ill run #copenhagenmarathon again - this time with no chemo in the system. It might be a stupid idea - i only have 281 km in the legs since New Year. So lets see. Next scan is due on tuesday - so a steady run through Copenhagen to ease the mind might not be a bad idea. And perhaps the mind can pull out the last km that are not present in my legs 🤔 👊 #copenhagenmarathon2018 #cphhalf2018 #staalmanden2018 #justrunnn #RunningAndFunning #NYRRVirtualTrainer #nycmarathon #charityrunner #fredsteam #strongerthancancer #cancerfight #cancersucks #threadmill #marathontraining #chemorunning #chemoandtraining #stærkereendcancer #copenhagenmarathon #cphmarathon #runnersofinstagram #runtoinspire #runtosurvive #whyiruncopenhagen #mydaugthersaremymotivation #icanbeatthisshit

Here we go agai...
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